Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Hello, Internet!

This took way too long to set all up, my little online project...but really, it's not all that little and that's why it was so involved and took so much time. I'm still working on details and ironing out lumps and tidying up, but the gist is in place so I can move forward and tweak as I go.

So...what am I talking about? Oh, who really knows. Well, I do. But that's not the point.

This is all about me actually being active with all my online junk that I do, pretend to do, and want to do. 365 days of consistency! I've got to be constant! So, yes, unfortunately, that means unleashing my odd brain upon the internet, but since everybody else does it, I think I'm in good standing, or, rather, I should get lost in the standing and nobody can really complain because there's so much out there going on anyway.

Getting ready for Project 365, though, took up all my spare time today and I haven't actually gotten down to the writing and photographing aspect yet. Oooh, and I just remembered I've got to post something over at Against the Tide, because, well, that's part of it, too.

And it's nearing the time I'd like to crawl into bed and pretend to be a normal person who gets a decent amount of sleep. Of course, a lot of people stay up way later, so there will be a lot who'll think I'm some sort of hermitic, boring, health nut or some such. Not really. I just like my sleep and being functional. And I've kind of gotta really establish a routine so I can get more done.

Sound boring? Maybe the silly, not-quite-grammatically-smooth way of saying it helps.

I've rambled enough. I should go be articulate, coherent, and productive elsewhere. Don't worry, though. I'm sure future posts will be far less...peculiar and a bit more lucid. I should have more time on other days, because I totally ended up with not enough time on my hands today.

Plus, this is only the beginning, and a few introductions and explanations needed to be given...and believe it or not, this post did serve that purpose. Kind of. In a way. In my own way.

Until tomorrow, my lovelies!

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